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Library Hours

【Open hours】
Tuesday through Friday  9:30am-7:00pm
Saturday, Sunday National Holidays  9:30am-5:00pm
Monday (in the case of a National Holiday, we will close the following day)
The 4th Thursday of every month (open in the case of a National Holiday)
Year-end and New Year holidays
Special inventory days (Announced approximately one month in advance)



  • From JR Kyoto Station
    Take Subway Karasuma Line to Karasuma Oike Station. Transfer to Subway Tozai Line and get off at Higashiyama Station. 10 min on foot from Higashiyama Station.
    Take Kyoto City Bus #5 or 100, and get off at Kyoto Kaikan Bijutsukan-mae bus stop.
    Take Kyoto City Bus #206 and get off at Higashiyama Nijo bus stop. 5 min on foot.
  • From Keihan Sanjo Station
    Take Subway Tozai Line to Higashiyama Station. 10 min on foot from Higashiyama Station.
    Take Kyoto City Bus #5 and get off at Kyoto Kaikan Bijutsukan-mae bus stop.
  • From Shijo Kawaramachi
    Take Kyoto City Bus #5, 32, or 46, and get off at Kyoto Kaikan and Bijutsukan-mae bus stop.
    Take Kyoto City Bus #31, 201 or 203, and get off at Higashiyama Nijo bus stop. 5 min on foot from Higashiyama Nijo bus stop
  • From JR Nijo Station
    Take Subway Tozai Line to Higashiyama Station. 10 min on foot from Higashiyama Station.
    Take Kyoto City Bus #46 and get off at Kyoto Kaikan Bijutsukan-mae bus stop.
  • By car
    There is no parking available at the library. Please use City Underground Parking Lot at Okazaki Park(a toll lot).

Kyoto Prefectural Library

Seishoji-cho, Okazaki
Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-8343

Residents of Kyoto Prefecture and adjoining prefectures or people commuting to work or attending schools in Kyoto Prefecture can register for a library card.
Personal identification (such as an alien registration card, driver's license, health insurance card, workplace ID card, student ID card, etc.) that verifies your name and address is required at the time of application.
Check-out procedures can be completed at the counters on the first floor.


Up to 5 books per person can be borrowed for 2 weeks.

A person with a physically challenged person's certificate can borrow up to 10 books for one month.
Visually-challenged people can borrow audio materials (cassette tapes, CDs and DAISY books).

When wishing to keep the same materials beyond two weeks, users can apply to renew them at the check-out counter before the original return date. Books can be renewed for two additional weeks if they have not been reserved by other users.
You can renew the expiration date at the check-out counter, by phone or through the Internet.
You must apply for the Internet Service in advance in order to use the extension service of the borrowing period on the Internet. Please make an inquiry to the library for details.

Reference service
At reference counters on the first and the first basement floors, users can ask for help finding necessary information and materials.
Reference services by phone, mail, FAX, or through our website are also available.
When materials you want are out on loan, you can make reservations for these materials. The library will notify you as soon as the reserved materials are returned.
If you have already registered for Internet Service, you can also check the availability of reserved books online (PC, cell phone).
Interlibrary loan
When the materials you want are not owned by our library, you may use the interlibrary loan service to request the materials from other libraries. As other libraries may place restrictions on loans, please check at the information counter. Books from the National Diet Library are only available for reading in our library, not for check out.
Library materials can be copied within the restrictions of copyright laws.
Application at the counter is required, and the last application for copy service will be accepted 30 minutes before the library's closing time.
Regular photocopying is 10 yen per page, color copying is 20 yen per page, printing from CD-ROM materials or an external database is 20 yen per page, and copying from microfilm is 50 yen per page.
There's a service available to send a copy of the requested material to you by post. To apply for this service, please fill out a copy request form. For this service, regular photocopying is 20 yen per page.
Interlibrary loan service to public libraries in Kyoto prefecture
Our library materials can be checked out through your neighborhood public libraries. Kyoto Prefectural Library operates "Kyoto Prefectural Library Network (K-Libnet)" and enables fast delivery of materials to users through the use of the "Cooperative Circulation Car."
Internet Services
If you are a registered member of our Internet Service, the following services are available online from your PC and cell phone:
1. Check the status of the books you are currently borrowing.
2. Apply for an extension of the borrowing period.
3. Register yourself on the waiting list to borrow books which are on loan. By registering yourself on the waiting list, you can be notified when the requested books are available.
Please make an inquiry to the library for more information.

Multimedia Reference Room (2nd floor)

  • CD-ROM Materials
    CD-ROM materials in the CD-ROM Viewing System can be viewed by using screen menus on 5 computers. Materials on other viewing systems can be viewed on other PCs, therefore please make an inquiry at the counter on the 2nd floor to request these materials.
  • Internet Information
    18 computers are set up for free Internet access.
    You can use those computers for an hour 3 times a day.
    You can not visit every site because of our restriction on the Internet.
    Since the library is a public facility, please exercise proper judgment when accessing Internet sites. Print-out service of Internet material is not available.
    Also you can not use the computers to write on a bulletin board, send and receive e-mail, print-out, or download files.
  • Video Materials and Audio Materials
    Eight booths are set up for viewing video materials (VHS and DVDs) and three booths are set up for listening to audio materials (cassette tapes and CDs).
    Video materials mainly consist of non-fiction videos and classic masterpiece movies. Audio materials mainly consist of non-music materials.
    Video materials are not for loan, whereas audio materials (cassette tapes, CDs and DAISY books) can be borrowed by the visually impaired.
  • 「HANREI TAIKEI」“Judicial Precedent System on the Web”
    You can search for existing laws and judgment examples of the Supreme Court as well as other courts.
  • Newspapers
    You can read newspapers in forms of hard copies, microfilm, CD-ROM, and newspaper article database.
    You can check the newspapers available at our library at the counter on the second floor.
    You can apply for photocopying service of newspapers by filling out a form.
Library Directory
【Floor guides】
First Floor


The main entrance is located on the north side of the building. There is a return post by the entrance on the east side of the building for returning books when the library is closed.
    Reading Room
Kyoto-related materials, atlases, Japanese literature-related materials, large print books, etc., are located here. Help and reference services on these materials are also available here.
    Face-to-Face Reading Rooms
Face-to-Face reading sessions for the visually impaired are available in cooperation with volunteers.
Devices which read aloud books, etc. can also be used.
    Smoking Corner
Smoking is permitted only in this area. Smoking is prohibited in other areas of the building.
Coin lockers (100 yen deposit required), public pay phones, and vending machines are located here. Use of lockers at the time of entrance is not required. Lockers are for the convenience of users.
First Basement Floor

          Reading Room

Books and magazines from various fields are located here. General consultation is also available here. Materials from the stack room can be checked-out and returned here.
    Copy Room
Copying service is available here. Please apply for copying service at the counter.
Second Floor

    Multimedia Reference Room/AV Booth

CD-ROM materials, video materials, audio materials, rare and valuable book database, Internet access, external pay database, reduced-size newspaper editions, and microfilms can be viewed here. Use of these materials is limited to this room.
    Extra Materials Room
Materials in Braille can be read.
Third Floor

          Multimedia Integration Room

The Multimedia Integration Room, located on the north side of the floor, is a multipurpose room that is used for meetings and seminars organized by the library.
    Other Areas
Rooms are for computers and only authorized personnel are permitted.
Fourth Floor

The entire floor is for administration, and is accessible only by authorized personnel.